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Here Are Some Common Questions About BETR

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BETR Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit FAQs

Why is the BETR Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit important to have in my home?

Unlike store-bought cleaning products that simply push dirt & germs around on the surface, our micro-pore foam has thousands of tiny micro pores for collecting dirt, oil, grease, and germs. This means they actually get REMOVED from the surface.

Our Cleaning Solution is 100% toxin free and can be used anywhere. Plus BETR micro-pore foam is reusable for up to 3-6 months. Simply put, there is nothing like this kit available in stores or online. Oil spill cleaning companies swear by this technology for a reason: it works better than anything else available.

What can this kit be used for?

The BETR Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit can be used for ANY cleaning need, both indoors and outdoors. The foam and cleaning solution can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, offices, walls, floors, garages, and even outdoors: cars, bicycles, grills, etc. When we say Multi-Purpose, we mean it. These products are 100% free of harmful elements and safe to use on virtually any surface.

How do you use it?

Spray cleaning solution on the micro-pore foam and the surface you wish to clean. Wipe the cloth back and forth gently across the surface. The cleaning solution infused into the micro-pore foam will pull out dirt, oil, grease, and germs better than ANYTHING you currently own.

What ingredients are in the cleaning solution?

BETR Multi-Purpose Cleaner has two ingredients: water and hydrogen.

Almost every store bought surface cleaner relies on ammonia or bleach as the primary cleaning agent. These ingredients not only evaporate quickly on any hard surface, they also lose their ionic charge (and therefore their cleaning effectiveness) as soon as they come into contact with a paper towel or cloth. Since our formula is 100% water-based, the cleaner loses NONE of its power and is able to fully saturate every surface it hits.

No harmful chemicals, no toxins, and no pesticides. Just raw cleaning power from earth’s natural resources that are completely friendly to humans and pets.

Are your products made overseas?

No. All of our products are made in the USA by our team of hard working Americans and veterans.

Is this a subscription?

Nope! This is a limited-time offer – only while supplies last!

When will my order ship?

We are experiencing high order volumes, but all products are in stock and should ship within 2-3 business days! You can select Priority Shipping & Handling for a small fee at checkout, and we will move your order to the front of the queue!

How do I get a hold of support?

Email us at or call/text us at +1 (281) 819-1959.

Want to learn more?

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