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Scott Smith - Co-Founder

A Man on a Mission

Scott Smith is an inventor named on 11 issued patents and 14 patent-pending applications relating to open-cell foam technology and micro-pore foam technology for testing & remediation of water, surfaces, and air contaminated with dangerous pathogens, bacteria, viruses, harmful algal blooms, oil, and chemicals.

Scott Smith cleaning at the beach

Building A BETR World

After inventing micro-pore foam technology, Scott realized the potential it had to make the world a cleaner place. In 2010, Scott created a unique micro-pore material to help clean up the famous BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP credits Scott’s material with being the most effective technology used to clean up over 300 miles of shoreline. That material was the first version of what we now use to create our micro-pore foam products.

Smith has been to every major water contamination event since 2010 – more than 60 in the US and abroad. These real-world disasters have been his laboratory and the basis for all of his patents along with 3rd party testing and validation by certified, independent labs.

Cleaning a pool of water

When You Support BETR You Support A Cleaner, More Sustainable Future

In recent years Scott has decided to introduce this amazing technology along with the BETR brand to continue to build a better world by keeping our homes clean, safe, and more sustainable.

At BETR our driving force is to continue cleaning the earth with our revolutionary technology. With every purchase of BETR products you’re not only taking a step to a cleaner and more sustainable home, you’re also helping us continue to clean the ocean and keep our planet happy.

Scott Smith holding up an ocean cleaning device

Our Purpose: A Cleaner Planet

BETR continues to push forward with our mission of building and using cutting edge technology to create a cleaner planet. Your support allows us to continue developing and manufacturing this technology to clean our homes, oceans, and planet.


“Mark believed in me when no one else did in 2013.”
- Scott Smith

Full documentary coming in 2023.

Our technology has been featured on:

USA Today
Wall Street Journal
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